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Don't Let Road Rage Get the Best of You

You know how it starts – traffic back-ups, roadway gridlock, driver distractions – circumstances that try the patience of even the calmest driver. In such circumstances, many drivers tend to become aggressive. However, most of them don’t take it to the next level and act out with road rage.

Need more incentive to stay cool? Try this... Depending upon the circumstances, when you cross the line to exhibit aggression on the road, your car insurance may no longer protect you if you should happen to be involved in an auto accident.

In “Keep Your Cool When Road Rage Hits”, offers, “It’s important to keep control when dealing with an aggressive driver and not retaliate in order to prevent further problems. It offers “six tips to help you keep your cool when dealing with aggressive drivers so you don’t become one yourself.”

Read the article to learn more about road rage and how to best protect yourself.

Auto Insurance Tip

Road rage is listed as an exemption in many Auto Insurance policies since any damage stemming from aggressive driving isn’t truly an accident but rather caused by risky behavior. It’s best to discuss the details with your insurance agent who should be able to tell you more about how to “stay within the lines” when it comes to road rage.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014 11:12

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