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You Won't Believe What Caused This Home Fire

Dave and Janet Miller’s home near Denver. Colorado was destroyed by fire. Following that ordeal, they have been motivated to share the lessons they learned during the experience. In their video, you’ll see how an everyday 9-volt battery was actually responsible for this fire. The devastation which began in the garage quickly spread to the inside of the home, and dangerous thick black smoke penetrated throughout. It left extensive damage in every room. Dave was able to escape along with his pets, but it was a close call.

This family is sharing this story to alert you to the potential for something as seemingly harmless as a 9-volt battery to cause a raging fire and put a family out of their home.

Watch the video (6:26) for all the details.


Video Note: You will hear loud beeps that might seem that your own smoke detectors are sounding. However, rest assured that it is sound from the video. Because the power had been turned off, the remaining smoke detectors in the Miller’s house were beeping periodically.

Homeowners Insurance Tip

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014 09:48

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