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It's Prom Season -- Do You Know the Risks?

Prom Season – High Excitement… High Risk

If you have teenagers in your home, then you know this is a special time of year. High school seniors are celebrating the end of their high school career, eager for graduation and looking forward to taking that next step into the world. For many high school teens, this is the much-anticipated Prom Season – a time when memories of a lifetime (good or bad) will be created for both teens and families.

Yet, the excitement at this milestone comes with significant risk. According to the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA), prom and graduation season – April through June – is the time when most teen motor vehicle deaths and serious injuries occur. Moreover, NHTSA tells us that alcohol-related crashes kill more 16-20-year-olds than those of any other age group. Sadly,a report by Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) shows that most teens in this age group get their alcohol from family or friends.

VIDEO: Maryland Officials Warn Against Teens, Drunk Driving and Prom Night

VIDEO: Prom Season – Protecting Teens from Drunk Driving (

How can parents prevent this season of celebration from turning into tragedy?

The experts at the NHTSA and SADD, as well as many other organizations agree on the following critical steps parents should take to keep their teen drivers safe during Prom and Graduation season.

  • Get a commitment from your teen that their cell phone will be on throughout the evening and designate times to have them check in with you as the evening progresses. Clearly emphasize that your teen can call you – no questions asked – .if they need a safe ride home and/or any problem occurs.
  • Find out about your teen’s plans for the evening and determine who will be responsible for driving. Then confirm your child’s plans with other adults such as other trusted parents or school officials.
  • Discuss your expectations and outline your rules, those of law enforcement and of the school for the evening.

Auto Insurance Tip

If your teen will be driving, you’ll want to be sure that they are well covered either by your auto insurance policy or their own. For your own peace of mind, confirm the coverage with your insurance agent.

Here at the William M. Sparks Insurance Agency in Timonium, MD, we wish your family the best for graduation and prom season; and our staff is available to answer discuss your insurance coverage at your convenience.

Saturday, 18 May 2013 00:14

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